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School Supplies for 2020/2021

Kindergarten – Grade 5

2020 Elem School Supplies Letter

All classes grade kindergarten to grade 5 will have school supplies pre-purchased and ordered in bulk for the 2020-2021 school year. Due to health regulations, students will not be having communal school supplies for the coming school year. Each child will have a container of some type with their own supplies for the entire year.

School supply costs for 2020-2021 are:
• Kindergarten – $35.00
• Grade 1 – $35.00
• Grade 2 – $40.00
• Grade 3 – $35.00
• Grade 4 – $46
• Grade 5 – $45
Our preference is that you pay for your child’s supplies through the John Stubbs PAC Hot lunch system. Please visit: https://johnstubbs.hotlunches.net. If you do not have an account, one can be set up using access code JSPAC2019.
Alternatively, you can pay by cheque to John Stubbs PAC. You can provide the cheque when your child attends school in September or mail a cheque to the school now. Please ensure the cheque has your child’s full name on it and is clearly labelled for school supplies.

Grade 6-8
  • Supply lists are listed below for each grade
  • Items can be purchased anywhere you’d like
  • Staples School Tools is offering packages that can be customized and shipped directly to your home free of charge (links to each grade’s package is listed on the supply list)
  • Staples recommends waiting until back-to-school sales start in mid-July before purchasing your package. All items on the list that happen to be on sale on a given week will be priced accordingly in the package through Staples School Tools
  • There is no deadline for this program and orders can be placed into September and October with no penalties.
Grade 6-8 Supply Lists