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Fundraising within schools can often be a touchy subject. While it would be wonderful to live in a time where all school events, supplies, activities and trips could be funded; we do not live in that time. Our reality right now is that our kids are in the system and if we want them to have as good an experience as possible, some fundraising is the reality.

The PAC goal is to support creating a positive, healthy community at EJSMS. As much as possible, fundraising will be done through family events such as movie nights and family dances. There are also some traditional and passive fundraisers that can easily earn a great deal of additional funding.

SHUTTERFLY – If you purchase holiday cards, photo books or other photo items from Shutterfly, consider shopping through our storefront:  https://jspac.shutterflystorefront.com/

Shutterfly will donate a small portion of all sales made through our storefront back to PAC.  This is an ongoing fundraiser with no deadlines, so don’t forget to use our storefront anytime you use Shutterfly.


The PAC also organizes other seasonal fundraisers such as; poinsettia’s sales in the winter, seed sales in the spring and many more! These are communicated through the schools Weekly Newsletter.

Do you ever wonder what happens with the funds raised through the PAC?

Field Trips                            Special Guest Speakers                 Special Classroom Projects                                          Student Agendas              Christmas Shopping Days             Sports Equipment & Fees                                             Music Program                  Technology for Classrooms          Emergency Lunches                                                        Outdoor Education          Emergency Preparedness    Teacher & Staff Appreciation                                      Pancake Breakfast           Library                                  ………………and much more

PAC also very proudly supports the community:

Hardship fund                   Goldstream Food Bank                  Other SD62 and BC Schools

Local, National and International programs for children through Poppin’ for Peeps