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Special Programs
École John Stubbs is proud of the programs it is able to offer students with special needs. The physical configuration of the school allows for easy wheelchair access to all areas, the experience of the staff means that educational programs may be adapted or modified for students with a wide variety of needs. Presently, John Stubbs provides educational programs for profoundly handicapped students; for physically handicapped but cognitively able students; for learning disabled students; for students with low academic abilities; for students who require emotional and/or social support and for students who simply need some extra help in certain subjects. Programs are designed for special needs students with a wide variety of skills, interests, and educational needs. The Ministry of Education identifies students with special needs, and the school writes Individual Education Plans (IEP’s) for these students. Regular program students who require monitoring and Literacy Support are often able to access this service in order to ensure academic success.

For the most part, special needs students are integrated into regular classes with their peers. Teachers and Educational Assistants provide support for these students as required. The degree of support will vary with the individual according to their needs within each subject. When deemed necessary, students are slotted into a support block in the Learning Centre. The Learning Centre has been designed with the intent of assisting students who are experiencing on-going learning difficulties. Referral to the Learning Centre is made through the School Based Team — administration, counselling, student support services and other staff members.

For specific information about special programs and services, parents should contact the school’s Student Support Services.

PACE – Program for Academic Creative Enrichment
PACE offers students who are academically ambitious opportunities to develop critical thinking and leadership skills. Areas of focus include social responsibility and community involvement.