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What is Early Immersion?
Students usually enter the program in Kindergarten and continue their French studies through to grade 12. Students may also enter the program in Grade 1 by September 30th.

Do Early Immersion students also receive instruction in English?
From Kindergarten to Grade 3, all subjects are taught in French. In Grade 4 students receive one hour of English Language Arts per day. This pattern (80 percent French, 20 percent English) continues through Grades 5 and 6. In Grades 7 to 9, 4 to 6 courses are being taught in French. In Grades 10 and 11, students take 3 courses while in Grade 12, they receive only 1 course in French.

Will my child fall behind in English or in other subject areas?
No, not in the long run. In Early Immersion, students may be slightly behind until English Language Arts are introduced. Generally, Immersion students catch up to English program students within one or two years. On standardized tests given in English, Immersion students are found to do as well as, or better than, students in the English program.

Can I help my child at home if I do not speak French?
Parents are the first teachers; so you can definitely help your child. Have your child read out loud to you, even if you cannot understand. Examine the work he/she brings home. Ask questions of your child’s teacher. Show an interest in what your child is doing. Interest and encouragement are tremendous motivators.

Who can register?
Any child living in the Sooke School District ( School District #62) may enter the program in Kindergarten or by September 30th in Grade 1 (or with consultation by parents with the teacher and administrator in special circumstances).

How do I enroll my child in the Early French Immersion Program?
More information on Registration available HERE

What additional resources are available for parents of French Immersion students?
Canadian Parents for French-BC & Yukon Branch is a parent-led, non-profit organization that has worked for more than 30 years to provide French-language educational, social, cultural and sporting activities for youth. Check out the web site for tons of useful, practical information! The Sooke Chapter is open to all interested.