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Hello everyone,
Students are learning all the time at John Stubbs.  One of the concerns that parents and teachers had was the rules of tag.  Some students did not understand what “touc”h tag meant.  Students and teachers practiced playing tag until they understood how to play in a way that shirts were not pulled and friends were not pushed.  If you could please discuss with your child the importance of being kind on the playground and helping each other it would help the children have a nice recess.  Thanks


Wow!  John Stubbs has incredible runners.   A huge thanks to all the teachers and students who worked so hard to make our x-country running event fantastic.  My job was to greet the runners as they crossed the finish line and I was awed by their fitness.  Well done John Stubbs Jaguars.  Thanks to all the parents who came and helped our runners and made sure that everyone was lined up and ready to go.  We had lovely weather and we hope for great weather on the 7th.
It is extremely important that you sign your child out with the teacher.  As you may have noticed there were many students at the event and we need you to check in with the teacher before you leave with your child.  Also please make sure that your child attends practice.  It is hard to be part of the team if you do not attend the practice sessions.  I look forward to another great event on the 7th.


We are enjoying many great things at John Stubbs.  Middle school students have started exploratories and elementary students are busy learning new things.  We are encouraging everyone to speak French as much as possible and all people in the building are learning new words.  We are starting to practice our fire drills, earthquake drills and lockdowns.  Please reassure your child these drills are to help us keep your child safe.
Also students are learning about voting.  We hope that your children are asking you interesting questions about the election.
Thanks again to all the parents who came out to meet the teachers and were so positive about John Stubbs it really is a place where students can “chart their future”


This Wednesday the 23 is meet the teacher at John Stubbs.  We hope that you have a chance to speak French with your child and teacher.  We had our first all school assembly and spoke about how important it is to try and speak French at John Stubbs.   We look forward to seeing you then and the next day is photo day!


We would like to welcome everyone to a new school year.  This is a great time of year to think about “what kind of student do I want to be”.  We are busy at John Stubbs thinking about what we want to do this year.   We would like to thank everyone who has been so welcoming and kind.  The PAC is preparing for their first meeting in October.  The teachers have worked hard to create beautiful learning environments and the Vice Principal, Sandra Szalipszki and I are busy learning everything we can about John Stubbs.  We look forward to meeting everyone.  Enjoy the first week of September 2015.  Ms. Stephanie Smith and Ms. Sandra Szalipszki