Home / Elementary Spring Concert – Group 1

March 3, 2020 @ 1:00 pm

Classes performing on March 3rd will be:

  • Elementary Choir
  • Gray
  • Mme Lloyd
  • Mme Pomper
  • Mme McLeod
  • Mme Adamek
  • Mme Millar
  • Mme Mastrodonato
  • Mme Marlin
  • Mme Polomark
  • Mme Clarke
  • Mme Crombie
  • Concert times: Both dates will have 1:00 PM and 6:00 PM shows which are open to families and friends. We will hold a dress rehearsal at 9:00 AM that is just for students at the school.
  • Drop off: For the evening concert, please drop off your child in their classroom at 5:40.
  • Concert Location: The Ecole John Stubbs Middle School Gym
  • What to wear: We encourage students to look their best, but there is no theme/dress code. Patterns, solid colours, nice jeans, dress pants, skirts, dresses, etc. are all just fine!
  • Elementary Choir: Choir members will have the option of performing in BOTH concerts. Please see the elementary choir website for information as to where they should go each night! www.johnstubbsmusic.weebly.com/elementary-choir.html