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Dates to Remember:   

June 23 – Grade 5 Celebration Day Activities

June 24 – Dress like a Tacky Tourist Day

June 25 – Grade 8 Beach Day

June 28 – Grade 8 Fun Day

June 29 – Last Day of School

June 29 – Donate Lost & Found clothing to Charity


School News:

Grade 5 Celebration Day Activities

On June 23rd all grade 5 students will have cohort friendly games on the upper field in the afternoon.  PAC is buying all the students cold treats to celebrate their achievement.  Please remind students to dress accordingly and bring a hat, water and sunscreen, etc.

Grade 8 Beach Day

On June 25th all grade 8 students will be going to the Esquimalt Lagoon for the day.  Students should pack enough food, water, towel,

sunscreen and wear appropriate beach clothing for this event. There will be food trucks at the Lagoon if your student wants to purchase a lunch.    Parents can pre-arrange to pick up their student at beach next to the bridge at the end of the day at 2:00 p.m.  Please email your teacher, see below, if you are planning to pick up your student at the beach.  The rest of grade 8 students will be walking back to the school by 2:15 p.m.  If you arrive late to the beach for pick up, please make your way to the school to pick up your student at 2:50 p.m.

Mr. E. Moisan email is emoisan@sd62.bc.ca

Ms. J. Brick email is jbrick@sd62.bc.ca

Ms. J. McCordic email is jmcordic@sd62.bc.ca

Grade 8 Fun Day Activities will be on Monday, June 28th.  All grade 8 students will be celebrating through preplanned activities including a photo booth and games.  Your teacher will be sending home specific information regarding this day.



Elementary School Supply Information for 2021-2022 year 

All classes grade kindergarten to grade 5 will have school supplies pre-purchased and ordered in bulk for the 2020-2021 school year.  Please see here for details..


Middle School Supply Lists for 2021-2022 year

PAC has partnered with School Start to offer pre-made, customizable kits that include the listed supplies below that will be delivered to your door.  You may also choose to print off the list and purchase the items yourself.

Grade 6 Late French Immersion see list here

Grade 7 Late French Immersion see list here

Grade 6 see list here

Grade 7 see list here

Grade 8 see list here


Current Information That Parents Need to Know



All École John Stubbs parents and guardians should practice logging into the parent portal this week so that you are ready to view report cards at the end of June. All report cards will be published to the parent portal on June 29th.  If you have not registered or are having problems logging into your Parent Portal see HERE.    If you have any issues, please contact our office team: 250-478-5571.


LIBRARY BOOKS RETURN   All students must return their books right away. If your child has missing books, please keep looking! (even under their bed … who know what can lurk there!) This week, we will start calling home and invoicing any books that have not yet been returned. Replacing library books is costly and we need your support in maintaining our excellent collection – please return all books. Any books that remain overdue beyond June 14th will be marked as “lost” and an emailed invoice for the cost of the book will be sent to the parent(s). We appreciate your diligence in making sure all our precious books make their way back to school safely.




All the Lost and Found unclaimed items will be located outside under the balcony, which faces the bus loop on the College Crescent side of the school from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Any items left behind after the last day of School will be donated to charity.  Please feel free to look during that time.



School Calendar 2021-2022 see here for John Stubbs 2021-2022 CalendarYou can also see what’s happening this month at John Stubbs in the calendar of events HERE. The last day of classes in June is Tuesday, June 29th.




A great way to ensure you are staying connected with communication from the school is by downloading the John Stubbs app. Scan the QR code or find the app hereJohn Stubbs APP


District News and Links:

District Parent Letters and Information – Previously sent out by SD62



We have had questions about upcoming dates for the remainder of the school year. Please take a look at the SD62 calendar HERE.