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School News:


The library needs your help! We currently have over 400+ books signed out. If you have any library books in your possession, please have them returned to John Stubbs ASAP.

Library books can be brought to the school during school hours and placed in the box outside the doors off the staff parking lot.


We still have student belongings that need to be picked up. All Student belongings must be picked up by Friday June 19, all unclaimed belongings will be discarded or donated.

If you have not picked up your student’s belongings please come to the school during school hours, when you arrive at the doors off of the staff parking lot please call the office.


If you have borrowed a Chromebook for home use, please return it by
Friday June 19th.  When you are ready to return it, please label the Chromebook with your child’s first and last name.  When you arrive at the school please come to the doors off of the staff parking lot then call the front office, and someone will come and pick it up from you.

If your child is attending school, they can bring the Chromebook to school and leave it in their classroom for use while they are here.


If you need to pick up your child during instructional time, please do not call the office until you have arrived at the school. Please come to the doors off the staff parking lot, make yourself visible and call the office (the number is posted on the doors).

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