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Sunday May 24, 2020

Bonjour John Stubbs Community!

I hope this letter finds you all healthy.

Over the last months, the school has been all but empty with only our custodial staff, some front office staff and the Vice Principals and I in the building. It has been a strange feeling for us all.

This week, staff will be returning to the building. They will prepare classrooms and other parts of the school for the return of those students returning in the week of June 1st. With the ‘new reality’ we now all find ourselves, classrooms and other school spaces will require significant changes in order to follow the guidelines put in place by the Provincial Health Office, the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Education.

The work that staff will be doing this week will include such things as packing up the student belongings that remain in the classroom, putting books and toys away so that classrooms have minimal touch points (surfaces), separating desks so that they are farther apart, creating student ‘traffic pattern’ flows and guidelines for the hallways and playgrounds, and much more. Needless to say, this work will have an impact on the remote teaching schedules this week. Please expect changes to your child’s remote learning sessions this week. Thank you for your patience as our dedicated staff work through these tasks.

Return of Student Belongings

Thank you for your patience as we complete the packing up of the 790 sets of student belongings and moving them to the middle school gym. It’s been a monumental task but we are ready to start the process of returning them to their rightful owners.

All (kindergarten to grade 8) belongings are being moved to the middle school gym in classroom groupings. To simplify the picking-up of the belongings, and in recognition that we need to stagger the number of people picking up the belongings (for parking and health safety purposes), we will stagger the pick-up days and times by alphabetical order by family names. This will help lessen the time you could be waiting in line and the number of cars parked at any one time in the bus loop or neighborhood.

Below are details we ask your help with. These are in place to help with the flow of foot traffic and to support physical distancing of 2 metres as set by the BC Public Health Officer:

  • Park in the bus loop or anywhere suitable that follows the local parking regulation sign postings.
  • Walk up the elementary school side set of Walk across the front of the school towards the middle school side to the gym doors.
  • Please follow the lines that are on the ground for safe spacing. The area along the front of the school will allow plenty of space for a line up (should one form).
  • At the Middle School gym door, please tell the staff member your child(dren)’s name (s), and classroom teacher (this will be important, so please be sure you know the family name of the teacher).
  • Collect Belongings
  • Walk down the middle school side set of stairs. They will be kept for people to walk DOWN towards the cars with student supplies. Keeping this direction of flow will eliminate the need for people to pass each other on the stairs.

*** PLEASE BRING ANY SCHOOL BOOKS THAT ARE IN YOUR HOUSE. For ex L IBRARY BOOKS, TEXT BOOKS, CLASSROOM READING BOOKS*** There will be boxes for you to place these. Make sure your child’s name is indicated in the book by slipping a longer slip of paper with their name into the book. This could save us countless hours of work in the long run. MERCI!

We thank you in advance for your cooperation. We know that this system isn’t perfect, but in such unprecedented times like these there are no perfect solutions. Your help, support and patience are greatly appreciated.

Pick times begin at 9:00 and end at 4:00. We know that this may not suit some of you and appreciate your patience in this. Feel free to contact the school office if you have questions.

Date and Time Family Names starting with…
Tuesday May 26 Family names that begin with the letters A to D
Wednesday May 27 Family names that begin with the letters E to J
Thursday May 28 Family names that begin with the letters K to P
Friday May 29 Family names that begin with the letters Q to Z

School – the Week of June 1st.

We are waiting for more direction from the School District Leadership Team with regards to what this week will look like. We do know that school will look significantly different and we hope to provide you with greater detail throughout this upcoming week.

Over this upcoming week and in later weeks, there will be more information sent to you from Mr. Stinson, Superintendent) and from our school. Thank you in advance for your patience and flexibility.

Warm wishes,

Sandra Szalipszki