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Elementary School:
Date: Wednesday, March 13th, 2019
Time: 1:15pm & 6pm **please note these times will not change
Location: John Stubbs Gymnasium

  • Classes performing from Mme Tremblay: Mme Cookson, Mme Mackenzie, Mme Marshall, Mme Bouchard, Mme McLeod, Mme Smyth/O’Sullivan, Elementary Choir (gr. 1-5)
  • Classes performing from M. Tim: Mme Dorran, Mme Jenkins, Mme Desmarais-Boily, Mme Clarke, Mme Goreas.

*** Please note, all student classes listed above are performing at both concerts to give parents a chance to attend either if they are not available in the evening ***

Concert Dress (Elementary):

  • Wear “fancier clothes” as they will be performing in front of a large audience and we want them to feel proud of how they perform and look on this day.
  • Avoid the sweatpants/shorts and t-shirts look on stage please.
  • The suggested outfit: Nice jeans/pants and a dress shirt or sweater would be fine or a skirt/dress if your child is happier in these kinds of clothes.
  • Avoid shirts with logos: The colour of the shirt is not important – any colour is fine!​
  • Use things you already have: There is no expectation to buy any items unless you choose to or if they’ve outgrown their fancy clothes since the last time they wore them

Middle School:
Date: Thursday, March 14th, 2019
Time: 1:15pm & 6pm ** please note these times will not change
Location: John Stubbs Gymnasium

Concert Dress (Middle)

  • Nice pants (slacks or corduroy) or skirts/dresses and a black top/dress shirt.
  • No blue jeans or shorts please.  Please try to have a collared top as each band member will be given a tie to wear for the concert.

Please Note:
Concerts will be no longer then 60min.
All music students have worked very hard to prepare a concert for you, to reduce distraction to the performers and in order to give them a larger audience: please stay until the very end of the concert.
In order for all members of the ensemble to depart at a reasonable hour, it is vital that all band students help with the clean-up.