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We are excited to be keeping with our new tradition for concerts this year. Like last year, we will be running two annual concerts:  a Winter Concert on December 12th  at 6pm and a Spring Concert on March 13th. We have separated the classes evenly into each of the 2 concerts. The rationale for the separation continues to be:

  • Accommodate classes that do not have music class first term
  • Have each of the concerts run under an hour
  • Not go over the capacity of our Middle School gym

The Elementary Choir (grades 2-5) will sing at both concerts. If a student whose class is not scheduled to perform wants to participate, they can do so by joining choir.

Mark the date in your calendars!

Classes performing in the Winter Concert (Dec 12th) are:

  • Mme Crombie- K
  • Mlle Watts/Mme Ryan- K
  • Mme Manon- K
  • Mme Sarah Karadimas- grade 1
  • Mme Munroe- grade 1
  • Mme Culver- grade 1
  • Mme Sarah Hallett- grade 1/2
  • M. Button- grade 2/3
  • Mme Adamek- grade 2/3
  • Helene (Mme Moranville)- grade 3
  • Mme Lamarche- grade 4
  • Mme Mardi- grade 5

The other classes in our Elementary School will be performing in the spring concert on March 13th (Save that date!)