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Important Dates:

Thursday, March 8th– Elementary Boys Basketball Jamboree @ Belmont Secondary School after school.

Thursday, March 8th – Elementary Concert, please see below:

Date and Time: Thursday, March 8th, 1:30 PM and 6 PM (runtime will be under an hour)

  • Student drop off for the evening performance: You may drop off students who are performing IN THEIR CLASSROOMS at 5:40. Doors will be LOCKED until 5:40.
  • CHOIR MEMBERS: If your child is in the choir but their class is NOT performing in the concert, these students will go to the band room where they will be supervised by a staff member.
  • What to wear:  ALL STUDENTS: Just look nice! Dress shirts, dresses, pants… it’s all good!
  • Just a reminder, the classes performing are:
  • Mme Grieve
  • Mme Dorran
  • M. Barker
  • Mme McKenzie
  • Mme Adamek
  • Mme Jenkins
  • Mme Bouchard
  • Mme McLeod
  • Mme Sheilagh
  • M. Morales-Gil
  • Mme Ryan
  • Mme Michelle
  • Elementary Choir

Friday, March 9th – Middle School Band Concert 11a.m.  All information in regards to this concert is on the Music Department website https://johnstubbsmusic.weebly.com/

Saturday, March 10th – Daylight Savings Time – don’t forget to turn your clocks ahead one hour tonight.

Thursday, March 15th – WE Day for Middle School.

Friday, March 16th – Last day of school before Spring Break.

Tuesday, April 3rd – School is back in session after Spring Break.