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Hello everyone,
We have a few events happening at John Stubbs for Halloween.  The middle school will be having a bake sale on Wednesday, a haunted hallway on Thursday and a dance on Friday.  The elementary school will be doing various events in their classes and a dress up day on Friday.  Please make sure costumes do not have weapons, masks or too much blood.
Halloween candy is always a challenge for parents and children.  We all know and have witnessed the impact of sugar on our own bodies as well as that of our children.  Please do not send Halloween candy to school.
What to do with Halloween candy?  I have heard of some parents who have their children turn in all candy for a toy or a special event with parents (like a movie).  I have tried to have my children eat as much as they want for one day and then they give me the rest (I do not eat as much as I want.)
Some children (like my son) have kept Halloween candy for years.  This becomes a great science experiment.  Is it really food if it lasts for years?
Do not give Halloween candy to your dog.  As you probably know that can be really disgusting.
In the past it has been hard for me to throw candy out.  I have learned that Halloween is about the dressing up, running around in the dark and counting candy.  It did not have to be about gorging on sugar (yes, it is true ,that is what I did as a child and learned how hard sugar is on the body)
If you have some brilliant ideas of how to enjoy Halloween and get rid of the candy please send me an e-mail and I will post it here before the exciting day.  Please enjoy your week before Halloween and after as it is a fun time for a child and adults too!